Tuesday, January 27, 2015

How to Knit a Cable

I love knitting cables…you only work the cable row every 8 or 10 rows, adding interest to your project, all other rows you knit the knits and purl the purls. Cables give a lovely texture to your garment, and I think the cables trap air and make a very warm garment. Here’s how you do it for a simple “cable back 6” (CB6) design, where you work your cable over 6 sts ever 8 rows. Most cable patterns have 2 or more sts between the cables, and here I am calling for 2 purl sts on the RS.

Row 1: P2, K6, P2 across
Row 2: K2, P6, K2 across
Row 3: P2, CB^ by putting the first 3 sts on yor cable needle (CN), K the next 3 sts, then    K the 3 sts from your CN, P2 and continue across your row.

Work your cable row every 8 rows; I find it helpful to actually keep track of my rows with pencil and paper.

Give it a try – it’s fun!

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